167411_1253440872606_7304492_nALEKSANDRA CICHUTA, Founder & Managing Director

Aleksandra has an extensive experience across many business areas, with a great percentage of her career focused on delivering career development coaching, events production, hosting and management. She lives with fire in her heart and is inspiration to all who want to blend professional life with their passions.

Aleksandra has started her career as a Life & Career Coach and for the past 11 years, she helped people to succeed in generating desired life results. Following her passion for entertainment, in 2009 Aleksandra has started coaching performers, which lead her to music management and producing live entertainment showcase events. In 2011, she has founded ICONIQUE Performance, followed with designing INNER FIRE events. Her focus is on developing the ICONIQUE brand, producing in-house shows, live entertainment for events, and connecting event organizers the top venues, locations, performers and event suppliers.




13669328_10154486180267384_748638227077334706_oJOANNA CICHUTA, Chief Operating Officer

For years Joanna has been working as a Make-up Artist for TV and film. In 2013 she was involved with the INNER FIRE live show production which triggered her passion for organizing events. This feeling got stronger when she has been invited to stage host at the International Make-up Artists Trade Show in London, LA and NY. Now Joanna is leading the venue finding service and managing relationship with our clients and partners.