ICONIQUE Performance is a UK registered, wellbeing events and live entertainment production and venue sourcing company. Our clients are corporations, brands and individuals with looking for help with planning their event or business function, wanting to find an iconic venue in London fast, or looking for an impressive entertainment for their guests.

ICONIQUE Performance is also a producer of the INNER FIRE mind wellness events, including:

  • Uplifting INNER FIRE shows, blending musical entertainment with mind wellness education; messages and music delivered by young people overcoming the hurdles of underprivileged background
  • Mind wellness INNER FIRE Social events, connecting wellbeing practitioners with health & wellness brands, media, teachers, experts,  entertainment, nutrition, healths and education industry with all individuals looking to live happy, healthy and in control of own destiny; all happening in a fun uplifting atmosphere, in  London venues, with a live music entertainment element and a lot of socialising
  • INNER FIRE Escape retreat days taking care of wellbeing for business; a series of mind wellness treatments for improved mind relaxation, integration and empowerment; for healthy mind and peak performance.

We partner up with quality event venues, luxury hotels, owners of unusual spaces, event suppliers, a variety of talented performers and speakers, corporations, well-being brands and charities. Such blend of partnership allows us to offer a unique and high quality event support services and event production.

ICONIQUE Performance is a family business, launched in 2011 by Aleksandra Cichuta.  Having a passion for entertainment, mind/body well-being, beautiful unique venues and live events, we actively participate in organizing, producing and co-managing events internationally.

Since starting the ICONIQUE Performance in 2011, our network of entertainment, charity, media, music, TV, film and fashion contacts developed fast. We have produced many music and fashion live events, including our in house innovative show INNER FIRE. This has led us to be recognized as well connected with good venues in London, quality events and people in the entertainment in media industry. 

Our vision is to bring more entertaining forms of uniqueness and meaningfulness to the event market, through connecting businesses, brands, talented people, their ideas, skills, products, technology and services. Events are powerful business development tool and we want yours to represent your brand in the way that is magnetic and leaves your guests with hunger for more.